My 2017 Pennsylvania Rut Vacation

It’s been too long since my last post so I’m starting back at it with a quick easy opinion post for this summer.  I’ll be putting up more archery and muzzleloader content up this summer as my practice sessions reveal lessons learned.  In any case here we go……..

It’s only June, but the fall archery season will soon be here in Pennsylvania and along with the 2017-18 season come some new exciting changes that have modified my rut vacation plans for this fall.  

In years past, regardless of moon phase, I’ve usually focused on the days between November 3 and 12th depending on how the days line up with the PA archery season.  This usually translates as the 5th and/or 6th week of the 6 week archery season here in Western PA.  In a normal year, my singular focus is searching for a weary rut-crazed buck looking for a hot doe, but this year will be different.  How is that you ask?  

Well, my focus will be on overall opportunity.  New for this year in PA is the fact that the archery bear season that has been moved ahead from the typical 3rd week of November into the October 30 to November 4, 2017 position.  This coincides with the 5th week of the 2017 archery season in Penn's Woods: Talk about exciting!  Moreover, fall turkey season (depending on the location) will run at this same time also.  So in practical matters a prospective bow hunter looking to maximize opportunities has the potential to tag a buck/doe, turkey, bear, and/or maybe even a coyote if one is lucky enough.  Wishful thinking I know, but that is enough for me to get my calendar planned out now because that has the potential to be a fun and eventful week for any bow hunter.  

In closing, I have several conceptual hunt plans for this fall that will very likely get adjusted as trail cameras and other scouting trips reveal information.  Additionally, I have several friends and acquaintances stating that they’ve seen bucks with pretty good antler development already as of mid-June.  As always I’m looking forward to the trail camera photos in July and August.  More to come……..stay tuned.