Calling all Elk! - A Compendium of 15+ Podcasts for all Elk Hunters

By: Josh Shaffer

I’ve admitted before and I’ll say it again, I’m a podcast junkie.  Over the last few years the amount of content, no matter what topic, available as a free download via iTunes is amazing and still growing.  More specifically, in the last several months I’ve went back and tried to catalog both older and newer podcast episodes in this post as a consolidated list of hours worth of elk hunting information.  I posted a similar article back in August 2015 and included this information also as noted below.  I hope you find these podcasts while you are in preparation for your hunts this fall.  Enjoy…...

1.  Hunt Backcountry Podcast #36 and #37 - a two (2) part series called “Don’t Just Call - "Talk Elk" with Paul the "Elk Nut" Medel” - This podcast series is a good resource for timing your calling strategy for the appropriate situation.  Paul is a dedicated elk hunter from Idaho and part of a crew that consistently punches tags year-after-year.  Paul is a high energy hunter that is willing to pour out his tips and tactics such as "trolling for elk", cold call set-ups, implementing the nervous bark, and pretending to be a "ridge runner bull."  Paul gets himself worked up and excited; I can't help but get excited myself when he starts talking through the different calling scenarios.  It's awesome stuff.  Take away point from this episode: choose the right set-up/calling location. 

2.  Gritty Bowmen #129: Corey Jacobsen Talks Elk Hunting: Elk 101 #2 - This podcast is hosted by Brian Call of Gritty Bowmen with guest Corey Jacobsen of  This episode dives into several topics, but one topic in particular caught my attention: solo hunting for elk, the calling set-up, and the highly controversial frontal shot.  They even go in-depth on kill zone size on frontal versus broadside shots.  Its interesting stuff.  Corey is a proven elk slayer and he even recently rolled out Elk Hunting University (aka EHU).  I haven’t looked purchased the resource yet, but I did get access to a trial chapter and it seemed very informative and worthwhile.  If this piques your interest check it out at and use the promo code Gritty40 to save $40 on the registration fee.  Take away point from this episode: "obey the wind!"

3.  Jay Scott Outdoors Podcast #67: Elk Hunting - Maximize Success and Learning to Be Efficient with Chris Roe of Roe Hunting Resources - Jay’s podcast is great and covers a wide range of topics related to western big game species.  I’ve found his podcasts to be both informative and thought provoking regarding various western big game species.  I found this episode interesting as Chris Roe is “dailed-in” on elk behavior and appropriate timing of calling methods/sounds.  They cover a wide range of topics like solo hunting, over-the-counter tags, backpacking and more.  I love Chris’s enthusiasm when it comes to understanding elk behavior and reactions.  He would be a great guy to share elk camp with.   Take away point for the episode: watch and study elk behavior and adjust your plan accordingly.

4.  Jay Scott Outdoors Podcast #72: World Champion Elk Caller Joel Turner talks “How to Call Elk” and “Target Panic” - Joel Turner is a "student of elk hunting" and the founder of Ironmind Hunting.  Also he has several youtube videos that discuss some details of what he teaches in his seminars.  In addition to being a firearms and archery instructor, Joel has perfected elk calling sounds and tactics to an amazing level of detail.  Similarly to Chris Roe’s thought process, Joel looks hard at the elk behavior patterns and using situational awareness to gauge the appropriate calling sequence.  He also brings light to a term called “Bull calling Cows Bugle” and gives Paul Medel (aka Elk Nut) credit for sparking his interest in this method.  You’ll have to check it out in the podcast to completely understand the basis of the discussion: its great info.  I’ll have that specific strategy ready in my bag of tricks this fall.  Take away point for the episode: be a good elk student. 

5.  Jay Scott 162 elk calling tips with Jason Phelps (4 part series): This series covers a vast array of aspects from call making methods, to calling basics and situational tactics.  The 3rd episode of the 4 was rolled out a few days ago and the 4th will be posted likely this week.  This series in total is a few hours long, but they go into specific detail on the process of using elk mouth calls and how to have proper mouth form when making various elk sounds.  They cover a wide variety of elk hunting scenarios and discuss not only Rocky Mt. Elk, but also Roosevelt Elk as well.  Take away point for the episode: be adaptable and have multiple game plans.  

6.  Phelps Elk Nugget Series (on Gritty Bowmen Podcast): As of this writing, this series had six (6) parts of shorter videos produced by Gritty Bowmen team. Their content is available to watch on YouTube or available for download via podcast. The series is a lighter side of elk calling that gives specific examples in approximately 15 minute segments for easy quick listening when you want to catch a short episode to get excited for the fast-approaching season. Much like the Jay Scott 4 part series, it covers a wide range of topics.  The bonus of these episodes is that you get to experience the Gritty Scotsman Mark Brownlee.  He is a fun loving elk hunter with a hilarious demeanor: Enjoy!

As noted above, the following information is a list of podcasts from my post in August 2015. They are as follows: 

7.  Peterson Bowhunting Radio (February 21, 2013 Episode) with field editor Eddie Claypool.  I believe that this was the first elk hunting related podcast that I found in my search of hunting related content on iTunes.  It's been a few years since it was recorded, but the information is still relevant and worthwhile.  Eddie shares some great tips and stories from his past experiences in the elk woods.  I've listened to this episode multiple times and just downloaded it again for a refresher this week.  You'll have to go back a bit in the archives, but check this one out before the season is here. 

8.  Jay Scott Outdoors Western Hunting & Fishing (August 13, 2015 - Episode 63): Bowhunting Elk Tactics during September Part 1.  I just found out about Jay's podcast and I must say I'm already hooked on the info in this material.  Jay appears to be well versed in western hunting and this episode brings Craig Steele from Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters to the table to discuss the ins and outs of September bowhunting elk.  There is a ton of info packed into this 50 minute segment including wind, tracking, shot placement, etc.  This is a great refresher to listen to before bow season is upon us!  

9.  Jay Scott Outdoors Western Hunting & Fishing (August 16, 2015 - Episode 64): Bowhunting Elk Tactics during September Part 2.  Jay and Craig must have had a lot of info to discuss since they went into another hour long discussion on the same topic mentioned above.  In this episode, they discuss various tactics such as calling, stalking, water hole sits, etc.  The wind topics gets discussed throughout each episode, so apparently wind is important in elk hunting.  I concur!  

10.  Hunt Backcountry Podcast (July 27, 2015 - Episode 2): Muley Tactics, Elk Scouting, Rookie Mistakes.  Mark Huelsing and Steve Speck team up with Lenny Nelson from Exo-Mountain Gear.  This episode covers more than just elk hunting and it discusses topics related to mountain hunting while chasing bucks and elk alike.  Its a great mix of info and is worth a listen.  As a bonus listen, check out the Hunt Backcountry Episode 4: A-to-Z Gear Lists for Backcountry Hunting.  This is a pretty good listen that I picked up a new water purifying tip.  Check it out and you may pick up something as well.

I am constantly on the search for new podcasts and info so if I missed a good one let me know in the comments box to this post. 

Thanks for reading!