Gear Review: Merrell Capra Mid Waterproof Hiker

This post is meant to be a short one containing my personal assessment of the Merrell Capra mid-hiker. Over the last few seasons I've generally sported various models of Danner boots and whilst I’ve been fairly happy with Danner, I was still looking for something more.  This last season I found this model in the Merrell boot line and since I’ve heard from many others over the years about the Merrell boots, I figured I’d give them a try.  

 Taking a load off my feet while waiting on the sun to drop.  The Merrell Capra boots held up nicely all season long. 

Taking a load off my feet while waiting on the sun to drop.  The Merrell Capra boots held up nicely all season long. 

I ended up on the Merrell brand, but not until looking closer at others like the Kenetrek brand, the Solomon boots, and even more Danners.  My assessment kept bringing me back to the Merrell Capra boots for a few reasons, but mainly my criteria where that the boots have the following:

1. Good traction/sole pattern and ability to cut while "side-hilling”

2. Be light weight (the Capra mid pair tip the scale at a scant 2 lbs. 3 oz.)

3. Have Gore-Tex protection and good breathability

4. Be nimble and flexible enough to take a jog in (perfect for early season elk).

With that being said, the Capra model that I got last year is slightly different than the model in this seasons offerings, but they appear to be the similar.  

So what's my assessment after hunting all of the 2015 season in them? I highly recommend these these boots for the following reasons:

1. They are light weight and feel nimble enough to be sneaky in 
2. The Gore-Tex fabric is holding up well so far and I've only had one instance of a "soak through" (over topping my boots)
3. The traction of the sole pattern is very good and I've had no issues with slippage on slopes.

As with any boot on the market, there isn't one boot that covers all your needs for an entire season. It's important to note that these boots are not insulated, however I used mine from September (elk season) into January (mild winter deer hunting).  Also for you folks out there with weak ankles that require lots of ankle support, this boot may not be a good choice for you. Actually most mid-height hiking boots might be a bad choice if you find yourself in this boat.   

As with any gear review, this is only my own assessment of the product and I am not sponsored by Merrell.  I intend on wearing theses great boots this summer and also hunting in them again this season  That being said I think I'll be getting another pair when the time comes.  Another note to make is that they do offer a version for the women hikers out there.   Each version (Mens and Womens) can be had for a price of $170.00 USD, which in my opinion is a reasonable price for the style and value that this boot offers.

Happy hiking: Josh

Repetitive Disclaimer: Note that the author is not sponsored by Merrell boots.  This is the author’s own opinion of the product and has no personal interest in monetary gains by creating this post.  It is meant to assist you in product research.